Freiwillige Helfer im MiRO Waisenhaus

In den vergangenen drei Jahren haben mehrere freiwillige Helfer aus Europa, Australien und Amerika für einige Wochen und Monate im Kinderheim mitgearbeitet. Hier schildern einige ihre Eindrücke.

Angeliki Douri and Zac had a lot of fun together.
Angeliki Douri and Zac had a lot of fun together.

Angeliki Douri - Greece
"I worked as a volunteer in the Mighty Redeemer Orphanage of Kiembeni for the last two months of 2010. After having finished my studies, I decided to go through a new experience, something extremely different and unusual, so I went to Kenya. When I saw the living conditions in the slums of Mombasa I had a cultural shock. Even more astonishing was what I saw when I crossed the door of MiRO. These small 16 angels touched me so deeply. They really lacked everything: milk, food, clothes, not to talk about toys or basic belongings that in the most developed countries we take for granted. These children lacked everything but love and joy, as they were smiling and running to me since first I met them. The smallest and simplest things could make these innocent kids happy and I was also happy to help them and share my little knowledge with them. I will never forget the sweetness of Zac’s kisses and hugs, Anna’s devotion to feed her little brothers and sisters, Isaac’s love for pineapple, Junior’s talent for drawing, Joshua’s contagious laugh, Paulo’s smart look, Sarah’s and Katrin’s athletic bodies and spontaneity, Blessing’s and Prince’s endless appetite, Caleb’s excitement for balloons, Manuel’s curiosity for animals, Bob’s interest in maths, Lea’s attempts to walk and stand up on her spindly legs, Jemo’s skill in dancing Greek songs and Shadrack’s love for sea and water. How couldn’t I reconsider the whole my life after seeing all this? These kids had the bad luck to be abandoned or misused but they were also lucky enough to find a shelter and a family in Josephine’s house. Now, after only a few weeks with them, I feel like a member of this family and despite the distance that separates us, I will always feel like one of them. I promised to myself to keep helping these children as much as I can, of course I will never spare my love for them, since I left a piece of my heart in that small house in Kiembeni."

Dario de Santis is holding little Zac on his arm.
Dario de Santis is holding little Zac on his arm.

Dario De Santis - Italy

''I was in MiRO for only two weeks, during my journey through Kenya. Meeting the children of MiRO was the experience of a lifetime. A few days were enough to change my perception of the world.
Words can’t convey what I saw and felt in the orphanage. The children of MiRO don’t have anything but they can give you all the love one can wish. I remember how tightly they hugged me the first time we met, without even knowing me. I remember how they called my name to invite me to play with them. They enriched my life with the most intense emotions, a pure love that I will always carry in my heart.
Now that I’m back to my country I miss them a lot, there is not a day in my life that I don’t think of them. Sometimes, while I’m having my lunch, or driving my car stuck in a traffic jam, my thoughts go to them and I recall all those unforgettable moments. I ask to myself if it makes sense a world like this, in which people live without caring for each other, ignoring the suffering of their fellow creatures. I find no answer.
What I can do is playing my small part in helping, and I do this raising funds for the orphanage. I know what I do is not enough, perhaps I should devote my whole life to this mission. It’s hard, it’s really hard to accept this kind of unfairness.
Changing this world is hard, but, as I realized, it’s even harder to ignore all this as we do in our everyday life.  
I spur everybody to do something for these children, whatever you do it’s a small act to make this world a better place.
Give to these children as if they were in your place they would give you everything. These children do not want anything, they NEED everything and they are so innocent they will never ask you something.
I’m telling you, once you meet them, even just for 5 minutes, you will love them forever, that’s what happened to me."

Help for MiRO e.V.



Help for MiRO e.V.

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MiRO is the short term for Mighty Redeemer Orphanage. The Mighty Redeemer Orphanage is a small children's home in a suburb of Mombasa, Kenya.

 Recently 38 children are living there. The youngest child was born in November 2014, the oldest two children were born in 2000.

The children had to suffer a lot in there young lives. Some of them have lost there parents because of AIDS. Some of them have been thrown onto dumpsites or left alone on the streets of Mombasa.


They have been misused and mistreaten. They have starved and suffered. In 2009 Josephine Mutisya decided to help these children in giving them what they need the most: the love and care of a family.

We are supporting this project since 2010.