Help for MiRO e.V.



Help for MiRO e.V.

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Kontonummer: 100072


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MiRO is the short term for Mighty Redeemer Orphanage. The Mighty Redeemer Orphanage is a small children's home in a suburb of Mombasa, Kenya.

 Recently 38 children are living there. The youngest child was born in November 2014, the oldest two children were born in 2000.

The children had to suffer a lot in there young lives. Some of them have lost there parents because of AIDS. Some of them have been thrown onto dumpsites or left alone on the streets of Mombasa.


They have been misused and mistreaten. They have starved and suffered. In 2009 Josephine Mutisya decided to help these children in giving them what they need the most: the love and care of a family.

We are supporting this project since 2010.